Thursday, May 3, 2007

A source for new information

We've tried a variety of formats for spreading information about our new materials: we have a weekly radio show on KRBD public radio, and we appear twice a month on KTKN's First City Forum. We have a weekly column in the Ketchikan Daily News, we have a website, we put up posters, we're on TV, we send updates to Sitnews, we send flyers to the schools, etc. etc. We even call up people that we think might be interested in a new book or video to let them know we have it. And each one of those formats has a dedicated audience that relys on that source for information. But it's a rapidly changing world, and sometimes people are looking for rapidly changing information, and a weekly column or radio show is just not fast enough. So this blog will be a lot more informal, and the information will be a lot more abbreviated, but it will be updated more frequently than our other outlets. Feel free to add comments, especially if you've read/seen/heard the item in question and would like to throw in your two cents about the writing, or the plot, or even the cover art on the dust jacket. If you'ld like your comments to be a little more anonymous, then feel free to send us (me) and email:


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