Thursday, July 26, 2007

Free eBooks!!

There are a number of different organizations - Project Gutenberg and The Internet Archive being a couple of the most famous - that are devoted to digitizing books and providing free access to them online. A number of these groups have gotten together and formed the World Public Library, which for an annual subscription of $8.95 provides database access to their combined collections. Until Aug. 4th, this access will be free. That means you can download as many ebooks as you want, and there are over 600,000 free ebooks to choose from. If you are an ebook fan, or if you have always wanted to try this new format, then give it a shot: . You can choose titles from Baen's military science fiction, Asian classics, children's books, international literature, Christian writings, the Armed Forces Library, poetry, sheet music, film archives, and audiobooks. There are books for a wide range of interests, in a variety of languages, and all of them are free until August. (This is an annual event, so if you don't get everything you want in time, you can always wait until next year. Or, you can become a subscriber). This is an excellent opportunity to try out something new!

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