Saturday, January 19, 2008

TAG selection #1

Hopefully, you have heard or seen our enthusiastic Teen Advisory Group members here at the library. These local teenagers meet twice a month to talk about books, music and movies; plan fun events; assist us with library programs; and make purchase suggestions. We have just added their first suggested book title to the Adult library, and even if you are not a teen you might want to check it out. My Secret is the second collection of postcards compiled by Frank Warren from the popular PostSecret project, and this book features cards from high school and college students. Warren encourages people to send him postcards (anonymously or not) upon which they have written a secret about their life. The secrets range from silly - "I lick the inside of microwave popcorn bags" - to embarrassing - "I like it when you sing because it makes me feel better about my voice". Many of the secrets are also truly sad, dealing with abuse, mental illness, suicide attempts and rape. You can sense how cathartic some of these messages are for the sender, and how long they have wanted to let someone else know what has been bottled up inside. Hand-drawn, hand-lettered, collaged, painted, each postcard is like a tiny little work of art. Flipping through this book, you may well find a secret with which you can truly relate. At the very least, you will gain a better understanding of some of the issues that young people are dealing with today.

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