Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot & Steamy

Well, it might be 35° outside, but things are burning up here in the library. If summer weather and sultry beach reads seem a distant prospect, come in and pick up one of our hot new romances:
The Decadent Duke by Virginia Henley. Lady Georgina Gordon seems destined to marry the arrogant Duke of Bedford, despite his total lack of attraction and Lady Georgina's best efforts to avoid the match. Unfortunately, she is drawn towards the Duke's younger, dashing - and ineligible - younger brother.
To Seduce a Texan by Georgina Gentry. This Western romance, set in the 1860's, sees Will 'Waco' McCain kidnap a banker's stepdaughter for ransom, only to find that the banker is happy to get rid of her in order to keep her inheritance. Worse yet, the stepdaughter is becoming reconciled to staying within the grasp of a rugged, yet decent, outlaw.
When the Duke Returns by Eloisa James. Lady Isidore is happy to find that the man she was married to by proxy as a child is in fact a handsome stunner. But she is dismayed to find out that he wants an annulment because he thinks her too beautiful and sensual to be his docile Duchess. If only Isidore can find a way to consummate the marriage before it's too late...
Wicked Intentions by Lydia Joyce. Esmerelda is a beautiful Victorian spiritualist who is trying to discover the dark secrets of Viscount Varcourt as revenge for his public skepticism of her talents. As she gets closer to the truth behind his older brother's death, new enemies arise to harm both of them.
Zen and the Art of Vampires by Katie MacAlister. On the brink of her 40th birthday, and with a personal life that is less than fulfilling, Pia takes a singles' tour through Europe in an attempt to change her luck. Things start to look up when she meets a couple of gorgeous guys in Iceland. Small problem. They're vampires.

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