Friday, July 3, 2009

New frontiers in free time

Knitting is such a popular activity these days that there are dozens of new books coming out each month devoted to the subject. And, like cookbooks, after a while you start craving something really unique and original. There are only so many ways to roast a chicken, there are only so many ways to knit a pair of socks. (However, Socks à la carte : pick and choose patterns to knit socks your way by Jonelle Raffino has a great mix-and-match system for toes, bodies and cuffs that allows for hundreds of variations).
For some truly unusual ideas, check out our new book Pet Projects: the animal knits bible by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. There are patterns in here for pretty much any pet. Dog coats, cat cushions, horse blankets and fancy dog collars make up the bulk of the suggestions, but there are some really out-there ideas as well:
  • A plastic knit water lily for your koi pond
  • A hamster house (I wonder how that will smell after a couple of weeks)
  • A knitted wire bird feeder
  • A puppy sling
  • A tortoise hibernation tent
  • Rosettes for your prize-winning pets
  • A carrot blanket for your rabbit hutch.
My personal favorite - and incredibly timely, to boot - is the Anti-Firework Dog Balaclava, for those poor pooches who can't stand 4th of July. (The trick is to get them to wear it, I think)

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