Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bits o' history

Some of the new books on our shelves reflect interesting little snippets from history:
The First Fall Classic: the Red Sox, the Giants, and the cast of players, pugs and politicos who reinvented the World Series in 1912 by Mike Vaccaro. Back when Ty Cobb was spiking infielders, organized crime had a hand in the game, and tempers between baseball rivals ran high (even when they played on the same team), two legendary teams battled it out over an eight-game series. Lots of great backstories and famous sports names in a book sure to interest sports fans.
Famous Players: the mysterious death of William Desmond Taylor by Rick Geary. This is the story, told in graphic-novel format, of the unsolved murder of actor and director Taylor. A well-known player in the hedonistic atmosphere of Hollywood in the 1920's, Taylor had a shadowy past that involved the abandonment of his wife & daughter, and multiple affairs with young starlets. His shooting death in 1922 led to a frenzy of journalistic speculation and sensational claims.
Troubled Water: race, mutiny, and bravery on the USS Kitty Hawk by Gregory Freeman. Five thousand men, deployed for the longest naval tour of the Vietnam War, begin to divide along racial lines until tensions finally erupt on October 12, 1972. The disturbance that resulted was long played down by the U.S. Navy as a riot, but Freeman makes the case that the incident was in fact the first mutiny in American naval history.

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