Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well-loved movies

I've never worked in a video store, so I don't know what kind of statistics they ordinarily rack up, but here at the public library we have been tabulating which of our VHS films have seen the most use (we figure that the tapes themselves are now used enough to need replacing, and the titles popular enough to justify a permanent place in the collection). The results may surprise you:

1. Being There, starring Peter Sellers. 522 checkouts
2. Hearts of the West, starring Andy Griffith. 507 checkouts
3. A Boy and His Dog, starring Don Johnson. 456 checkouts
4. The Big Easy, starring Ellen Barkin. 452 checkouts
5. Strictly Ballroom, starring Tara Morice. 448 checkouts
6. The Treasure of Sierra Madre, starring Humphrey Bogart. 444 checkouts
7. Dr. Strangelove, starring Peter Sellers. 441 checkouts
8. Pathfinder, starring Mikkel Gaup. 435 checkouts
9. The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn. 433 checkouts
10. Broadcast News, starring William Hurt. 430 checkouts

Alas, some of these titles (Pathfinder, for instance) are not currently available in DVD format. But some of these extremely popular films are now available for you to check out on DVD, so if your VHS player ended up at the landfill years ago, you can still enjoy a good flick.

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