Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you SLED?

Have you ever used the Statewide Library Electronic Doorway (SLED) to find the website of a tribal agency, State office, or Alaska Region department of the federal government?  Have you used SLED to find websites about tidal currents, meteor showers, volcano updates, or marine weather?  Have you ever used SLED to find Alaska-related facts for your students, your homework, your family down South, tourists or a local trivia contest?

If you have used SLED and you value this Alaska State Library & UA libraries resource, please let us know.  It takes money to maintain this site, and the Alaska State Legislature, the Rasmuson Foundation, the Institute of Museums and Library Services and the federal government have been very supportive in the past.  However, it really helps if they know that this service is being used and being appreciated.  A website hit counter can provide the numbers, but it's so much more interesting to hear real people relate their own experiences with SLED, so please let us know!

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