Saturday, June 25, 2011

Input, please

As part of my preparation for submitting my yearly magazine order, I've been looking at our circulation statistics.  And, as usual, the results have been absolutely fascinating (for me at least...I'm a bibliometrics geek).  The top 5 magazines for 2010 (based on average circulations per issue):
  • National Geographic (17)
  • Military History (15.2)
  • Guns & Ammo (14.9)
  • Mother Earth News (12)
  • Discover (11.3)
Don't believe it when people tell you that guys don't read.
The big shocker for me though is how unpopular Sports Illustrated is:  1.75 checkouts per issue.  That's a worse rate than Alaska Business Monthly!  Why don't people read our copies of Sports Illustrated?  Are they already subscribers?  Does the magazine take too long to arrive here in the library's mail?  Do people prefer to get their sports news from television or the Internet?  Is there a better sports magazine?
I ask these questions because we have already cancelled subscriptions to The Sporting News and ESPN Magazine due to lack of patron interest...I would love to hear from blog readers why sports magazines seem to be so wildly unpopular.  Please take a second to complete our little survey off to the right. 

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Anonymous said...

My hard-core sports fan friends seem to prefer ESPN The Magazine to Sports Illustrated, and they tend to be subscribers. They also spend lots of time online (particularly on and team-specific blogs.

Good luck. Interesting stats.