Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tagalog nobelang

We've recently expanded our Tagalog language collection to include five new romance novels, perfect for reading on rainy days:
  • Ako Na Lang Sana, by Camilla
  • Dahil Mahal Kita, by Millie Calleja
  • Pisong Kembot, by Vanessa
  • Kahit Sa Panagibip, by Dawn Igloria
  • Fixing a Broken Heart, by Maricar Dizon
If you would like something less light-hearted, we have some classic Filipino literature:

  • Daluyong, by Lazaro Francisco (a novel from 1962)
  • Ang Katipunan, by Gabriel Beato Francisco (a play from 1899)
  • Florante at Laura, by Francisco Balagtas  (an epic poem from 1921).
Basahin at masiyahan!

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