Tuesday, November 27, 2007


How does this sound?: a world cruise with 74 ports of call.
Actually, it sounds totally exhausting. But what if you could visit these ports from the comfort of your own home (and your own Norwalk-free bathroom?). Well, with our new Ultimate Cruise Collection DVD, you can view tropical beaches, Mayan temples, majestic glaciers and historic European cities. Get the inside scoop on six different cruise itineraries: Alaska, Hawaii/Tahiti, Mexico, the Eastern Caribbean, the Western Caribbean and Northern Europe. Each disc will also give you the top 10 attractions of each region, as well as special trips below the warm blue-green waters of the Caribbean and the icy stretches of Alaskan glaciers. Heck, you can even visit "densely forested Ketchikan, with its colorful, mysterious totem poles created by early natives". Well, O.K. it's not Encyclopaedia Brittanica. But you can spend over 6 hours gazing longingly at warm water, sandy beaches and tropical paradise. Crank up the heat, sprinkle some kitty litter on the floor (closest thing we have to sand), drink something out of a coconut and dream yourself to a warmer clime.

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