Friday, November 30, 2007

A Guest Reviewer

This is the first time I've ceded the floor to a guest reviewer, but I liked the review so much I felt compelled to share. The book in question in Alaskana; or, Alaska in Descriptive and Legendary Poems by Prof. Bushrod W. James. The review (the reviewer is unnamed) appeared in the Nov. 18, 1892 issue of the journal Science:

"If Professor James had not had the unfortunate idea that he is a poet, he would have written a book of considerable interest, as he has visited various localities in Alaska and read read several works about that country. As it is, he gives us 360 solid pages of verses in the meter of "Hiawatha", with "some slight improvements," as the announcement of the publishers modestly puts it....And are there people who will read 360 pages of such? If so, human nature has certain qualities of patience or kindliness for which we did not give it sufficient credit."


But be assured, we have this book if you have the patience and kindliness to read it.

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