Friday, August 8, 2008

New audiobooks

Another week, another batch of new audiobooks for your listening pleasure:
Flight by Sherman Alexie. Alexie loves librarians, and we love him. This story is almost a little like Virginia Woolf's Orlando, in that the narrator seems to metamorphose from chapter to chapter. He changes ages, races, times and situations, but he maintains his sense of self-identity throughout: a troubled young Native American who has just made a very bad decision. Is he doomed to travel down this path, or is there a way for him to redeem his conscience? This audio version is ready by the dishy actor Adam Beach (Flags of our fathers, Smoke signals).
Oil!, by Upton Sinclair, was the basis for the acclaimed movie There Will Be Blood, which featured an Academy-Award winning performance by Daniel Day Lewis. A tale of social injustice and political corruption, this story was inspired by the oil scandals of the Harding administration (for an entertaining overview of the Harding scandals, read this chapter from Frederick Lewis Allen's history of the 1920's - thanks to the students at the University of Virginia for providing this online text). This classic Sinclair novel is read by Grover Gardner, a favorite of audiophiles.
Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell is our first audiobook from the creator of the wildly popular Sex and the City. If you enjoy glamorous tales of high-powered women living an upscale life in New York City, you'll like this story of three women at a crossroads in their professional and personal lives. Bushnell also has a new book coming out this fall - One Fifth Avenue - that you can place on hold through our online catalog.

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