Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Community Novel

Would you like to be an author? Perhaps you don't feel you have enough creative juices for a 300-page book, but what about a paragraph or two? Well, here's your chance.
October 12th - 18th is national Teen Read Week, during which schools and libraries plan special events to try to get teenagers excited about reading. It's a tough demographic nut to crack, so we thought we would approach it in a slightly different way: we're going to get teens to think about reading by having them - and the rest of Ketchikan - do some writing.
Here's the setup: Thomas Alistair, Jared Mason and Enid Isabella are three teens hanging out in a laundromat in Generaltown, WA. Now you can have them do whatever you want (you do not need to be a teen to participate in this community project). They can leave the laundromat, leave the state, grow up, fall in love, fold clothes...the sky's the limit. The only thing we ask is that you keep it PG-rated (no gore, serious violence or profanity. And please, no deaths - it will just cause merry havoc with the overall narrative).
Turn your paragraph in to us by October 11th (you can drop it off at the front desk, slip it into the mail - 629 Dock St., Ketchikan AK, 99901 - or email it to us at The members of the Teen Advisory Group will then thread the paragraphs together in as coherent an order as possible, and there will be A Reading Of The Novel at the UAS Campus library on October 17th at 7:00 pm. Even if writing isn't your bag, please feel free to come up to the campus library and hear what your neighbors have created - it promises to be loads of fun.

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