Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kitchens and bathrooms

Your kitchen and your bathroom could easily be called the most important rooms in your house, since they are essentially work spaces that need to be highly functional as well as decorative. Your eyes are closed most of the time you're in your bedroom, and if your living room is anything like mine, it's so strewn with books, toys and clutter that you don't really notice the tasteful interior decoration.
Unfortunately, the bathroom and kitchen are also the most expensive rooms to remodel, so you want to do it right the first time. With our two new books from the editors at Sunset Magazine, you can plan out your renovation and make sure the end product fits your needs and tastes. Bathrooms and Kitchens not only provide you with advice about optimizing your space, building green and design schemes, but these books also ask the questions you need to think about. "Are you willing to spend time maintaining your natural stone floor?" "What counter surface do you need for the type of kitchen prep you do most often?" and "What is the normal traffic pattern in the space?". Each book also comes with a handy CD-ROM that lets you design your space, see it in 3-D, control colors, surfaces and dimensions, and create detailed plumbing and electrical plans. The pictures are beautiful and the text details a wide variety of cabinets, fixtures, floor and counter surfaces and lighting suggestions.
Even if you're not preparing for your own remodel, I guarantee these books will hold your attention as you thumb through the pages and fantasize about your dream house.

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