Saturday, January 17, 2009

What are we watching?

The Academy Award nominations will be announced on Thursday, and the Golden Globe awards were held last Sunday night, so red carpet fever is in the air! It's always nice to scope out the most popular and critically acclaimed films of the year, and everyone loves the "Best Films of All Time" lists that critics and media outlets post occasionally. But what about Ketchikan? What are we watching? In the interests of full disclosure and the public good, I am posting the Top Ten Most Popular Films at the Ketchikan Public Library:
STOP!! Before you read any further, see if you can guess what one or two of the films on the list might be. I was completely amazed to see which films were the ones that have been checked out the most (and I will admit, that the longer a film has been in the collection, the more checkouts it has been able to rack up, so it's not the most unbiased method of determing the top ten. But hey...)

10. The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn. 424 Checkouts.
9. Broadcast News starring William Hurt. 429 Checkouts.
8. Pathfinder (Ofelas) a film from Lappland. 430 Checkouts.
7. Dr. Strangelove starring Peter Sellers. 434 Checkouts.
6. The Treasure of Sierra Madre starring Humphrey Bogart. 438 Checkouts.
5. Strictly Ballroom a film from Australia. 442 Checkouts.
4. The Big Easy starring Ellen Barkin. 451 Checkouts.
3. A Boy and His Dog starring Don Johnson. 452 Checkouts.
2. Hearts of the West starring Jeff Bridges. 503 Checkouts.
and the winner is.....

1. Being There starring Peter Sellers. 522 Checkouts.

Wow, what eclectic movie-viewing taste we have here in Ketchikan!

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