Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shake your moneymaker

For the second year in a row, the library had a presence at the Wearable Art Show. Kathy Bolling put together another wonderful costume with a library-related theme (remember the library beauty queens from last year?). This year she designed a money tree with foam and willow branches, decorated with fabric and gauze leaves - some of which held real dollar bills!
I was lucky enough to get to model again this year and I had a great time strutting down the catwalk, shaking my dollars to an oh-so-subtle cover version of the Beatles' "I Want Money". That was fun enough, but on Friday night someone from one of the school libraries (who may wish to remain anonymous) dashed up to the catwalk and handed me money! Other people in the audience got into the spirit of the thing, and I made $11 that night for the New Library Building Fund.
By the final performance on Saturday, the buzz had apparently gotten around and people were prepared. I got so much money handed to me during my performance that I ran out of places to stuff it all ('cause trees don't have pockets, ya know) and I almost ran out of music.
The collection for Saturday night? $288!!
I would like to give a huge 'Thank You' to Kathy for creating such a brilliant costume, to the school librarian who opened the floodgates, and to all the people in the audience who made such a powerful statement by donating to the cause.
I can't wait till next year....

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Daniel said...

Congratulations on the unexpected fundraiser!