Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rare or medium-rare?

I know summer is supposed to be the time for hamburgers, grilled chicken, hot dogs, ribs and anything barbecued, but I find that autumn is when my thoughts turn to fat-laden, protein-rich foods. Bring on the roast turkey, roast beef and roast pork! We do have some new cookbooks that will help you straddle the summer grilling season and the fall fat season...
Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries and Shakes. Flay shows you how to make the perfect french fry, blend the creamiest milkshake and grill up some truly juicy burgers. From a simple buttermilk onion ring to a peanut-butter-banana-marshmallow milkshake, this book is guaranteed to ladle on the insulating fat for winter. Bring on the arctic cold, I've just eaten a burger smothered in cheese, bacon and fried onion rings.
Emeril at the Grill: a cookbook for all seasons. This book is a little more upmarket than Bobby Flay (Rib-eye, new potato and portobello kebabs on rosemary skewers. Oh, man). Paninis, pizzas, roasted vegetables, grilled seafood and seared slabs of meat pop up all over this book, accompanied by gorgeous pictures. For Thanksgiving, you can even try Emeril's Turkey roulade with peach and sage gravy.
Grillin' With Gas: 150 mouthwatering recipes for great grilled food. Author Fred Thompson takes you on a global tour of grilled meats, preparing dishes with Asian, Caribbean, Mexican and Mediterranean flavors. He has a nice chapter on seafood, with an emphasis on salmon. The recipes are varied and easy to follow, and he even has vegetarian entrees to offer.

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