Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So you'ld like to play an instrument

I think it would be a wonderful thing to touch an instrument and produce beautiful music. I took flute lessons in elementary school, but didn't have the discipline required to practice (and the flute is not forgiving of bad technique). I've toyed with the idea of trying to teach myself an instrument, but have yet to follow through on that ambition.
If you have more intestinal fortitude than I do, the public library has the resources you need. We have just gotten new guides on learning to play the acoustic guitar, fiddle - even the harmonica! We also have teaching guides for the piano, drums, banjo, concertina and the bagpipe. Our guitar manuals include acoustic, electric, bass and blues.
Are you a more of a visual learner? Then try our instructional videos on playing the piano, drums, guitar or the spoons (always a hit at parties). For aural learners, our bagpipe manuals are each accompanied by CDs. We even have an iPod-compatible instructional guide to playing Latin and African rhythms on the drum - just go to our ListenAlaska audiobook service.
So as the days get shorter and the cold rain drives you indoors, consider the possibility of learning a musical instrument. As you spend the next 6 months cooped up in the house, learning the bagpipe, it will be the perfect opportunity to test those family bonds of love and loyalty.

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