Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leggo my LEGO

I never realized I was a LEGO geek (or an AFOL - Adult Fan Of LEGO) until I picked up Jonathan Bender's book LEGO: a love story.  I'm not hard-core about it.  I've never been to a LEGO convention or to LEGOLAND, and I don't have a separate room in my house where I build and store models.
But I never got rid of the sets I had as a kid, and I continued to keep buying small sets even before I had kids of my own (and therefore a socially acceptable excuse for buying plastic blocks).  And after reading through Bender's book and his interviews with AFOLs, I realize that I share some of their basic tenents:
  1. For a while, LEGO became much too focused on specialized sets whose blocks weren't useful for anything else.
  2. The true beauty of LEGO lies in making your own creations, not following a rigid set of construction diagrams.
  3. MEGA Blox suck.
So if you can remember spending hours of your childhood sitting on your bedroom floor with a multi-hued assortment of little plastic blocks spread out around you as you built houses, cars, planes, boats, cities and worlds.....then you will feel a fond glow as you read LEGO: a love story.  And chances are, you'll probably feel compelled to go out and pick up a new set of blocks.


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