Thursday, August 9, 2007

The cutest darn things

I don't have a dog, I was never big on stuffed animals, and I don't collect miniature figurines. So when I say that the tiny wool dogs in Fleece Dogs: a little bit of magic created with raw wool and a special needle are the cutest darn things I have ever seen, then you know they really are cute. The instructions are easy to follow, and illustrated with full-color pictures, and there are patterns for 20 different dog breeds. My favorite has to be the West Highland White Terrier, although the Husky is very nice also. The tools are simple: a felting needle, a needle cushion, carders, wire and cord, and the technique seems relatively easy, although a little time-intensive. The word 'fleece', which makes me think of Patagonia and REI, is actually the term for raw (uncarded) wool. These dogs can also be made with combings from your own dog, which would make the color matching a little easier. These little dogs would be perfect gifts for dog owners, and if you are looking for something to make for the next crafts fair, these would certainly be unique. If you like to do detail work and have deft fingers, then this might be the craft for you!

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