Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mr. Sex Appeal

I enjoy old movies, and I have certainly heard of the legendary Rudolph Valentino, whose death at the early age of 31 caused mass hysteria. I will confess that, based on the few short clips I have seen of his movies, I always thought of him as a bit of a joke. But then I sat down and watched The Sheik, which is the movie that made him famous.
Well, I can understand why women in 1923 were swooning all over him. Smoldering, sultry, sexy, I just can't come up with enough adjectives to describe what a riveting performer he was. The sets and the costumes are lush (although not historically accurate) and the music was carefully selected to replicate what probably would have been heard at the original showings (remember, this is a silent film). If you love romance, then you will love this movie. As an added bonus, this disc also comes with Son of the Sheik, the 1926 sequel in which Valentino plays both father and son (hubba hubba!!).

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