Friday, August 24, 2007

Ministering to the truly lost

If you read the Ketchikan Daily News last weekend, you may remember seeing an article about writer Kate Braestrup. Married to a Maine state trooper, she found herself suddenly a widow when he was killed in an automobile accident. She decided to manage her grief by pursuing her husband's dream: become a minister. She is now the chaplain of the Maine Warden Service, and she offers comfort to those whose friends and family are the subjects of search-and-rescue missions.
We had a lot of trouble cataloging Here If You Need Me. On the one hand, it's a chronicle of how she dealt with her grief at her husband's death. O.K. - bereavement is 155.9. But then this book is also a memoir of being a minister and a discussion of God and faith. O.K. - Christian life is 248.4. But it's also full of stories about her experiences working with search and rescue teams. Well, search and rescue is 363.34.

It doesn't really matter where on the shelf we finally placed this book - there is a gripping story in these pages for a wide variety of readers.

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