Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the winner is...

I'm currently going through my annual task of reviewing our magazine selection, deciding which subscriptions should be cancelled and what new titles to add to the shelves. As part of the decision-making process, I go through and count how many times each issue of each magazine has been read and/or checked out (one of the reasons we ask people to leave magazines on the tables rather than reshelving them is because we keep count of this use). I've churned the numbers on the 109 magazines we subscribe to - not counting newspapers - and here are the big winners and losers:
1. Fine Homebuilding (8.4 checkouts per magazine)
2. National Geographic (6.5)
3. Backwoods Home (6.35)
4. Bead & Button (6.2)
5. Cottage Living (5.8)
6. Alaska Magazine (5.75)
7. Canoe & Kayak (5.5)
8. Popular Science (5.33)
9. Beadwork (5.15)
10. People Magazine (5.0)

109. Western Outdoors (.25)
108. Vandidades (.25)
107. US News & World Report (.33)
106. Field & Stream (.5)
105. E: the Environment Magazine (.5)
So there you go. Personally, I find it interesting that there are outdoorsy magazines at both ends of the list. Fish Alaska, Guns & Ammo and Outside all do pretty well, so perhaps Field & Stream is too generic? And why read Western Outdoors when you can read Alaska Magazine? Ah well, a riddle for the ages....

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Dave Duffy said...

What a nice surprise to see how popular my magazine is at your library. I'm delighted.

Dave Duffy, Publisher
Backwoods Home Magazine