Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Whole New Era

Well, this summer has seen a big policy change here at the Public Library: we now offer free Internet access to anyone over 14, regardless of whether or not they are a library cardholder. This dramatic (well, dramatic to us. We don't get out much) sea change was made possible for two reasons.
1. Due to low demand for our 2 word processors, we converted one of these stations to an Internet station, raising the number of our Internet-access computers up to a whopping 6. (For our year-round population the industry standard would be 9 computers, and in the summer it would be 14, but we don't have the space for that).
2. Last week we installed a self-reservation system to control our Internet access. No more waiting in line at the front desk, no more clipboard sign-up, no more having to ask the staff to start your machine for you. Now you can walk right up to our reservation kiosk next to the front desk and make your own appointment. You can even arrange Internet access for a specific time to suit your schedule! This system also allows visitors to reserve time on a dedicated, 15-minute Guest Terminal.
If you need help using our new system, or if you have any computer-related questions, we are still ready and available to assist.

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