Thursday, June 26, 2008

And Yet More Audio!

As promised, more new audiobook titles:

The Host by Stephenie Meyer is a paranormal romance, but an especially imaginative and well-written one. This is the first adult novel from Meyer, who achieved fame with her beautiful young adult Twilight series.

The Front, by Patricia Cornwell, is a follow-up to At Risk, which introduced readers to a new cast of characters and a Massachusetts setting. State investigator Win Garano is caught between the District Attorney and a shadowy confederation of municipal police, and he's not sure who the real enemy is.

Unaccustomed Earth is a collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri. Her lyrical stories have been featured on the NPR program Selected Shorts, and in this new collection she looks at the tense relationships and misunderstandings between first-generation Americans and their immigrant families.

The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, is one of the most inspirational things you will hear. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, computer science professor Pausch delivers a powerful lecture to his students - his last lecture - about achieving childhood dreams and making a difference in your world.

Beautiful Boy: a father's journey through his son's addiction, by David Sheff, is a heartbreaking story about a parent watching powerlessly as their child descends into drug abuse. This is a powerful story for anyone who has seen a family member struggle with addiction.


Lake Mills Library said...

Don't forget the wicked cool MP3 audio offerings through For me Wisconsin's contract with Overdrive has been fantastic when walking to work and exercising.

Gerard Saylor
LD Fargo Public Library

Rainbird librarian said...

Absolutely! The Ketchikan Public Library is part of the ListenAlaska consortium, which offers over 1,700 downloadable audio titles from Overdrive. Best of all, they're available for checkout 24 hours a day.