Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Dash of Romance

We have some new romance novels on the shelf that span a range of genres, from fantasy to thriller to historical (if you ever want a really interesting read, thumb through a copy of Romance Sells, a quarterly publication put out by the Romance Writers of America. Basically a catalog of newly published books, it is amazing how many subgenres there are in the romance field).

He's an ex-ballplayer who's confused by his adolescent daughter. She's childless and nearing forty, and married to a man who has been in a coma for 12 years. The Paper Marriage, by Susan Kay Law, looks at what happens when there is a conflict between love and loyalty.

When two successful people are trying to cope with upheaval in their life - Hannah has an aging mother and a pregnant daughter, Luke's wife dumped him for his best friend and business partner - they both go back to their hometown of Seaview Key to lick their wounds. When they rekindle their old relationship, things turn interesting in Seaview Inn, by bestselling author Sherryl Woods.

During the reign of Napoleon, British agent Robert Grey is sent to France to capture the beautiful French spy known as the Fox Cub. Annique Villiers - the Fox Cub - knows how to survive, even when she is being double-crossed by her own countrymen. But how to fight her growing attraction to this rugged Englishman, as they both flee the French authorities? Find out in The Spymaster's Lady, by Joanna Watkins Bourne.

In the mysterious atmosphere of New Orleans, uptight banker Mac MacNaught is investigating a series of bank robberies. He has enlisted the aid of gorgeous assistant bank manager Nessa Dahl - without letting her know that she is his prime suspect. The simmering tension between them gets even hotter once she finds out his true identity, and his real purpose in Thigh High, by Christina Dodd.

In an alternative-reality romance, author C.E. Murphy takes readers to Elizabethan-era England in The Queen's Bastard. A heady dose of court intrigue, spiced up with otherworldly powers, allows this novel to span the gap between romance and fantasy novel.

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