Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Viking Maid

Well, you've seen the posters all over town (and I mean all over town) and you've read the article in the newspaper, and now it's finally here: The Viking Maid is now part of the library's DVD collection.
A documentary that looks at the current state of the Alaskan fishing industry, and the concerns of commercial fishermen about the influx of farmed salmon on the market, this film is a home-grown project. Directed, produced and narrated by Kayhi alumni Chris and Tim Currall, Viking Maid follows the daily life of a commercial seining vessel (the film's namesake) as it plys the waters of Southeast Alaska. Fishing captain Russell Cockrum, crewman Jared Cockrum, and local scientists Gary Freitag and Phil Doherty are part of the film, as well as the familiar scenery of Southeast.
This film isn't exactly unbiased reporting (and the website for the film isn't exactly objective, either), but it will receive a favorable reception from Alaskan viewers - and fishermen in general - and it's always interesting to have a snapshot of Alaskan life. If you enjoy this film, you may want to check out some of the other films we have here at the library that look at the history of fishing in Alaska.

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swatzellart said...

I love this movie. It is great for teachers, principals, home schoolers, students from grade 1 to 12. Its about a team of young men, living the sustainable lifestyle catching wild salmon in Alaska. It flows perfectly. Brilliantly made.