Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mature beauty

Every time you go to the grocery store, the magazines at the check-out stand promise to make you beautiful and alluring with simple style and makeup tips. Unfortunately, most of these tips (and the models) are aimed at women in their 20's. But as many a woman has sadly discovered, what looks good on a 24-year-old looks plain silly on someone who's 60 ("mutton dressed as lamb", as my great-grandmother would say).
That does not mean that middle-aged women can't look good and feel good about themselves. It just takes a different approach to hair, clothes and makeup: an approach designed to flatter your attributes and play down any less desirable features. With Staging Your Comeback: a complete beauty revival for women over 45, makeup artist Christopher Hitchens ("The Makeover Guy" - as seen on Oprah) shows you how to determine your personal image - classic, casual, romantic, etc. - and also how to figure out your body type. He then shows you how to take the body you have and project the woman you want to be, by skillful application of makeup, adventurous hairstyles, and careful choice of clothing. He finishes things off with 12 makeovers of women ages 48-69, and you wouldn't recognize the women after their transformation. This is an inspiring book for any woman who has looked in the mirror and thought "I don't feel as old as I look".

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