Friday, November 14, 2008

A Dewey tour of new videos

570 - Biology & Life Sciences. Proteus: a nineteenth-century vision is a story of Ernst Haeckel, who managed to blend science and art in an inspiring way by painting delicate portraits of radiolarians - single celled sea creatures. In a time before electron microscopes, his artwork brought the beauty of tiny life to people's attention.
630 - Agriculture. The Grange Fair: an American tradition takes viewers into a gentler, more bucolic world where people show off their skills at canning, sewing, shearing, gardening and raising livestock. A grange fair, being a smaller version of a county fair, is always a good place for rural neighbors to catch up with their friends and relax. A video equivalent of Charlotte's Web.
710 - Landscaping & Area Planning. The Art & Practice of Gardening: England, Ireland & America. If you have the least interest in gardens you will devour these tours of famous gardens and interviews with expert gardeners. Along the way, you can garner valuable advice on roses, structural elements, small gardens, use of color, elemental design and using a nursery supplier.
740 - Drawing & Decorative Arts. Drawing Lessons for Beginners: drawing nature will cover such topics as atmospheric perspective (useful for sketching mountains), careful attention to details (for realistic depiction), drawing trees and composing the elements of your drawings. Very helpful advice from artist Donna Hugh.
910 - Geography & Travel. Ganges: how the majestic Ganges has shaped the landscape, wildlife and culture of India is a beautiful look at a legendary river. A 2 1/2 hour BBC production, this film contains stunning images and takes a close look at the wildlife that share the resource with one of the most densely populated countries in the world.
940 - European History. Battle Ground: South Pacific focuses on actions in the Philippines, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands during World War II. Under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, allied forces (mostly American and Australian) fought grisly battles at Manila, Corregidor, Maffin Bay and Rabaul. A great film series for military history buffs and anyone interested in the battle for the Philippines.

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