Friday, November 21, 2008

For P.D. James fans

One of the legendary names in British crime fiction is P.D. James, whose first novel - Cover Her Face (1962) - introduced readers to the poet and Scotland Yard detective Adam Dalgliesh. Her 14th novel featuring the introspective and restrained sleuth is due out this month, and we have it on order in both print and audio format.
To tide you over until the book arrives, we have a wonderful substitute: film adaptations of nine Dalgliesh novels (starring Roy Marsden). These films cover the first volumes from James' series, from Cover Her Face to Original Sin. More recently, Martin Shaw has been portraying Dalgliesh on film. Like any adaptation that takes a fictional character and makes them real, the portrayal either fits with your mental image of the character or not, but you can't argue that Marsden's acting is anything other than solid. These British productions are very well done, with lots of dreary, oppressive location shots and talented supporting casts.
If you're a fan of mysteries or British television, you will really enjoy all of these great films.

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