Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An action-packed week

Well, things have been a little busy in library-land the last few days.
The teen advisory group (TAG) hosted an evening of poetry and literary recitation on Friday, as a way of celebrating National Library Week. Seventeen people attended, and there was much laughter and good times had by all.
A group of Ketchikan librarians (including yours truly) honed their dancing chops at the Monthly Grind on Saturday night. Our dance routine was well-received, but the biggest hit of the evening seemed to be Library Lotto, especially when one lucky soul won a ticket worth 50% off their library fines!
Our library software was unintentionally upgraded to a new version over the weekend. It's not quite as big a shock as going from Windows XP to Vista, but there are still a few kinks we're working out. You may have noticed some disruption with your ability to use ListenAlaska; that has been fixed, and you can now go back to downloading audiobooks and music. Another change you may have noticed is that we no longer have the handy reminder on our online catalog, giving you the first 8 digits of your barcode for logging in to your account. We plan to reconfigure that soon, but in the meantime, your barcode starts with 23427000......
The cruise ship season starts tomorrow. To accommodate the changing demand for Internet access we always experience in the summer, we will be tweaking our machines so that we have two 15-minute terminals, and 4 1-hour terminals. That will allow our patrons to hop on and off more quickly, without long waits for reservations.
As always, we appreciate your patience as we undergo our changes....

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