Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vampire/Romance/Mystery/Comedy Fiction

Fusion cuisine has taken over American kitchens, and this idea of melding different tastes and flavors seems to be seeping into bookstacks as well. The Romance Writers of America produce a quarterly publication called Romance Sells, which is basically a catalog of current romance releases. Two of the biggest sections in this catalog (subgenres) are romantic suspense and paranormal romance, in which the love story is spiced up a little with things like attempted murder and werewolves.
One of the stars of fusion fiction has to be Charlaine Harris. Her Sookie Stackhouse series - which has been transformed into the HBO series True Blood - is a mystery series with a light comedic touch and romantic subplots, and always involves vampires. These books are incredibly popular and have been flying off the shelves since we added them to the collection. The first book in the series is Dead Until Dark, which introduces Sookie: a mind-reading cocktail waitress with the ill-luck to fall for a handsome guy who just happens to be a vampire.
As a double bonus, we not only have the Sookie series, but we just got one of the novels on Playaway: Dead to the World. This is your chance to discover both an amusing author and a convenient audio format, and isn't that efficient?

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