Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A book geek moment

Bear with me. Yesterday, when I blogged about The photographs of Homer Page : the Guggenheim year, I mentioned one of the photos that caught my eye - a bookseller's rack of Pocket Books - and that I thought I recognized one of the titles. Well, the first thing I did when I got home was go to my bookcase and look for that book.
The Pocket Book of Old Masters, with sixty-four gravure illustrations edited by Herman J. Weschsler was published in March, 1949 - 3 months before Homer Page took his photo of the sidewalk bookseller. My copy is in pretty good condition, with a slight water stain on the first page and a small tear on the Acknowledgements page. The photo gravures are in black-and-white, which probably explains why the book didn't get used more (the images from the Sistine Chapel loose a lot of oomph when they're colorless).
I was so excited to actually own one of the books in that photograph from 1949 - and one of the more obscure titles, at that - that I brought the paperback to work to show everyone.
O.K., geek moment over....

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