Saturday, August 15, 2009


A divorce is a difficult enough situation to go through, but what if you can't just sever all ties and completely ignore your ex's existence? What if you and your ex are still parenting? What if you're the new step-parent having to step into a potentially hostile atmosphere?
Since most divorces are not entirely amicable, and resentments still simmer, it takes a lot of extra effort to try and keep things mellow when dealing with the children. Fortunately, we have quite a few new books to help you with this task.
Ex-Etiquette for Parents: good behavior after a divorce or separation by Jann Blackston-Ford and Sharyl Jupe. This book covers all the minefields (such as 'Interacting with your counterpartner when there has been an affair') and offers important advice about keeping your emotions out of the situation.
StepParenting: everything you need to know to make it work by Jeannette Lofas. Regardless of how old the children are, there are going to be some issues. This book covers all the stages of the relationship, from dating to wedding to new children, and dealing with common parenting problems when "you're not my mother!".
Step-Wives: 10 steps to help ex-wives and stepmothers end the struggle and put the kids first by Lynne Oxhorn-Ringwood and Louise Oxhorn. Ex-wives should read this to protect the happiness of their children, and stepmothers should read this to protect the happiness of their marriage. This guide is written by an actual ex-wife and stepmother pair, so they know what they're talking about.
Yours, Mine and Hours: relationship skills for blended families by John Penton and Shona Welsh. Advice from a couple who has successfully made a family out of step-siblings, this book would also be helpful for widows and widowers. The book covers issues such as rivalry, accusations of favoritism, and establishing new traditions for your new family.

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