Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New fantasy

We have three new fantasy novels that blend together elements of romance, historical fiction, political intrigue, magic, alternate realities and witches. Since all of these authors are recent arrivals in our collection, their names may be unfamiliar.
Darkborn is the first in a projected trilogy by Alison Sinclair. The city of Minhorne is co-habited by two groups who never interact. The Darkborn perish in sunlight and navigate through their world by 'sonning' rather than seeing, while the Lightborn are drained of life in the dark. Somehow, Darkborn Tercelle has become impregnated by her Lightborn lover and begs physician Balthasar to get rid of the newborn twins to avoid scandal. An interesting world, with overtones of 18th-century society, and a tale of deceit and intrigue will hold your attention.
Fire Raiser is Melanie Rawn's sequel to Spellbinder. There's a little bit of witchcraft, some romance, a mysterious rash of arson, and an enemy from the past liven up the life of Holly McClure. Successful author, wife of the county sheriff, mother of twins and witch: there's some life experiences to draw from.
End of the Century, by Chris Roberson, is rather vague about which century. Three very different characters - an American teenager in 1999, a British detective in 1897, and a gallant knight in 498 - all seem to be on the track of entirely different mysteries. But somehow, medieval glass towers, Victorian fascination with the Holy Grail, and a modern jewel-heist are all related. A good choice for readers who love complicated plots.

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