Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doesn't anyone want to watch this video?

I usually have pretty positive feelings about things I purchase for the collection (many times, I can match a new book, CD or video to a particular patron in my mind). But occasionally I put things in the collection that I think will fly off the shelves, only for them to remain untouched.
When I saw the review for our new video Halloween face painting I figured it would be a best-seller this month. This DVD features over an hour of tips and techniques for creating scary or cute costume faces, from animals and fantastic creatures to scars, wounds and cuts. Learn which types of paint are best for face-painting, and what kind of brushes you should choose. You can even learn how to create ears, hats, and other accessories for your costume.
And yet, Halloween face painting has been sitting out on display at the front desk for almost two weeks now, and no one has touched it.
Perhaps people are waiting until the last minute to put together their costumes. Or maybe people are purchasing their entire costume, instead of making it from scratch. Whatever the reason, I just hate to think of such a helpful video sitting on the shelf, gathering dust and feeling unloved. Won't someone check it out?

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