Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rock on

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Live From Madison Square Garden. A dream combination of Winwood's vocals and Clapton's guitar, this album includes versions of some of their most famous songs ("Cocaine" and "Can't find my way home"). Guaranteed to please anyone who knows what 'LP' means.
Bob Dylan Together Through Life. Featuring 10 new compositions from the master songwriter, this is a collection of love songs with an edge. C'mon, it's Dylan.
Gomez A New Tide. British band Gomez is an indie-rock band that has been featured on World Cafe, and their latest album has been getting good reviews.
Paper Route Absence. It's electronica-based rock, but the true beauty on this album lies in the lyrics and the ethereal vocals.
Shearwater Rook. "Rook meditates on man's intersection with the natural world; the world after human beings are gone. A dark fairy tale encased in a cycle of songs." - from the product description. Complex indie-folk music with delicate vocals from Jonathan Meiburg.
Viva Voce Rose City. Portland, Or.-based husband and wife team combine smooth vocals and percussive guitar playing in a nice, stripped-down album.

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