Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little world beat

We've got a flush of new music on the shelves, so for the next few days I'll be focusing on our different collections. Today, I'll be taking an international approach by looking at our new Global Music.
African: Introducing Mamane Barka is an album of traditional songs from the Lake Chad region of Niger. Played on a boat-shaped instrument called the biram, these tracks represent an historical preservation of the Boudouma tribe's music by Mamane Barka, one of the last remaining biram players.
Celtic: Double Play features the Irish fiddle of Liz Carroll and the guitar of John Doyle, and is a collection of beautiful original pieces and new arrangements of older songs, all of which evoke the memory of traditional Irish music.
European: The Rough Guide to Gypsy Music highlights the music of the Romany people. Their nomadic tradition is reflected in their variety of musical influences. However, the tracks on this CD are definitely contemporary in feel: blues, swing, jazz, ska and hip-hop are all here.
Cafe Musette: the most beautiful French melodies preformed on a solo accordion. This CD doesn't need much explanation. Just put it on, and feel yourself transported into every Hollywood movie that's ever been set in Paris.
Latin: La Luz del Ritmo by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is one rockin' CD that's heavy on the brass. Mariachi music on steroids, this album also shows influences of funk, rap, punk, and electronica. Crank it up!

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