Friday, February 22, 2008

Children's Health Books

We have a couple of new books at the library that deal with important health issues that many children are facing today: diabetes and fitness. Parents should find both of these books very helpful in raising healthy, happy kids.
We have lots of cookbooks with recipes for kids, and we have cookbooks specifically for diabetics and anyone watching their blood sugar levels, but we finally have one that marries the two. You Can Eat That! Awesome food for kids with diabetes, by Robyn Webb, is a useful guide for parents that are looking for advice on how to plan healthy meals for their diabetic children. These recipes are easy to make, very kid-friendly and come with a nutritional summary that lists calories, fat, sodium, cholesterol, protein and carbohydrates (both fiber and sugars). the chapters include lunchbox items and after-school snacks. Since there are lots of great color photos, as well, you can have the kids help you pick out the menu for the day.
Athletic Fitness for Kids, by Scott Lancaster and Radu Teodorescu, is a great resource for parents, teachers and coaches. There are various drills, games, and programs for developing flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, strength, speed and agility. Most helpful is the chart at the beginning which cross-references the different skills with the applicable sports. In addition, the drills come in different levels that are appropriate for different age groups and experiences. Most of the drills require little, if any, special equipment and there are options for single children as well as groups. There are hints for progressing through the drills, and ways you can make the drills competitive for team use.
Summer's coming, and it's time to get those kids outdoors and moving!

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