Sunday, February 17, 2008

Patrick and Arthur Collaborate

We have a new mystery that should appeal to a wide range of readers: Deadly Shoals by Joan Druett. Part nautical adventure, part mystery, part cultural and historical commentary, Druett's book marries the traditions of Patrick O'Brian and Arthur Upfield to create an intriguing series with an unusual protagonist. Wiki Coffin is half-Maori, a sailor who acts as translator for the U.S. Exploring Expedition as it sails the oceans of the mid 19th century. In addition, Coffin acts as the official representative of United States law and order (such as it was back then) whenever trouble arises involving American citizens. In this book, he is hashing out a fradulent deal involving a New England whaler, political unrest in South America, and a killer who is targeting the expedition itself. Extremely well-researched and historically accurate, this story is also a rolicking mystery that will keep the reader turning pages. A very fun read. (We also have the first book in the series - A Watery Grave).

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