Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Library Beauty Queens

For those of you who were unable to catch the Wearable Art Show this weekend, let me assure you that you missed quite the spectacle. Kathy Graham - from the UAS library - outdid herself in designing 3 of the most fabulous gowns ever to come out of the Closed Reserve stacks! The title of the piece was "I Want to be a Librarian", and the three librarian beauty queens were:
Miss Directed (Judith McQuerry) - who wore a lovely pleated skirt made of discarded nautical charts
Mis Printed (Lisa Pearson) - who wore an overdress of hardback book covers with a lovely long train
Miss Shelved (Kathleen Wiechelman) - whose ruched dress and ruffle were made entirely of government document envelopes
I rarely get to sashay in front of a cheering crowd, so this was a total blast. Thank you, Kathy, for making my dreams of glamour and adoration possible....

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