Thursday, April 10, 2008

Arts on video

We have three new DVDs that present various aspects of the arts: dance, painting and printing.
Medea: a ballet in one act is presented by the Orchestra and Ballet Troupe of the Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili Opera and Ballet State Theatre (now, there's a mouthful). Based on Euripides' classic play, this Georgian production was filmed during the era of the Soviet empire and has never been seen before by Western audiences. The composer and choreographer are both Georgian, and this is a wonderful example of the pure art of Russian-style ballet.
Goya: crazy like a genius is written and presented by the Australian art critic Robert Hughes (as well as hosting another art series - The Shock of the New - Hughes was the author of the quintessential Australian history book The Fatal Shore. If you've never read this book, it is a must!). In his new series, Hughes looks at the beautiful and disturbing paintings of Francisco Goya and takes the viewer on a tour of Spain as he deconstructs various works and puts them in context with Goya's life. We also have the accompanying biography of Goya authored by Hughes.
For those of you who like a more hands-on approach to art, we have The Art of Block Printing. This short program will demonstrate the various stages in producing a beautiful print, including cutting techniques, materials, safety (we're talking sharp instruments here) and using one or two colors in making your prints. Some of our local artists have done beautiful work with block prints, and if you would like to try it yourself, check out this helpful DVD.

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