Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Looking for wholesome family viewing fare that doesn't involve animation and/or singing dinosaurs? We have four new films by the acclaimed Oscar-winning director John Ford. These films weren't made for kids, but they don't have strong language, graphic violence or gratuitous sex (as opposed to non-gratuitous sex). Best of all, they're films that won't bore grown-ups to death.
Grapes of Wrath is a film adaptation of John Steinbeck's classic novel starring Henry Fonda. A painless way of teaching kids about the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. You might even get them to read the book!
Drums Along the Mohawk is a film adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper's novel about frontier living back when the frontier was upstate New York. Starring Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert as the 1940's-version of the hardscrabble frontier wife.
My Darling Clementine is a film adaptation of Stuart Lake's biography Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshall. Starring Henry Fonda and a great re-enactment of the shootout at the O.K Corral, this disc also features a 1939 adaptation of this book. Two films for the price of one!
How Green Was My Valley is a film adaptation (do we detect a pattern here?) of Richard Llewellyn's novel about growing up in a Welsh mining town. Oddly enough, it does not star Henry Fonda. It does, however, feature a cute young Roddy McDowell and a touching romance between Maureen O'Hara and Walter Pidgeon.
Powerful stories, great acting and award-winning direction. Why settle for another episode of Hannah Montana?

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