Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wallpaper 101

In our current issue of Time Magazine (current for us being March 31, 2008 - don't get me started on library subscription delivery) there is a brief article about the resurgence of wallpaper as a popular interior decorating tool. Ever on the ball, we have a new book about this subject. How to Decorate With Wallpaper: a practical and inspirational guide with step-by-step projects, by Bernadette Fallon and Lauren Floodgate, will answer the questions you have about hanging wallpaper. They start with the basics, including the tools you will need, the types of wallpaper currently available, and how to estimate the number of rolls to buy. There is also a very handy guide to wallpaper symbols (washable, color fastness, hang horizontally, peelable, etc.). They also show you how to cut, paste and hang your paper. There are lots of diagrams and photos in this book, as well as some very helpful tips on how to prevent problems and fix mistakes. They even discuss difficult areas, such as alcoves, arches, stairwells and hanging striped paper. The photos in the book are very inspiring and demonstrate that a well-chosen wallpaper can make a room look so much more appealing than plain paint. And with the authors' assistance, a wallpapering project is definitely do-able. (I helped my Mom paper her kitchen, and I'm a total klutz when it comes to DIY projects. If I can do it, you can do it.)

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