Friday, April 11, 2008

Need a good book?

I don't know what qualifies as a good book in your opinion, but we just put 40 new novels on our shelves, so the chances are pretty high that at least one of them will interest you. I won't do anything so boring as list them all, but they run the range from mystery to SF to western to romance. They include popular authors such as Sophie Kinsella, Arthur C. Clarke (who just passed away), Martha Grimes, Kristin Hannah and G.M. Ford. There are also some new names on the shelf:
Seekers of Chalice, by Brian Cullen, is a blend of Irish mythology and Tolkien-like fantasy.

Souvenir, by Therese Fowler, is a story about lost loves and the complex mother-daughter relationship.

Four Wives, by Wendy Walker, is about 4 suburban wives who seemingly have it all but are struggling with their own bitter disappointments and dark secrets.

The Monsters of Templeton, by Lauren Groff, has received a nod of approval from no less than Stephen King himself.

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