Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eat standing up

I rarely eat hot dogs (too high a caloric price to pay for what you get. For that much fat and calories, I would rather have a milkshake). But every Fourth of July I head over to the booths on the dock to get a hot dog, or a piece of fry bread, or some lumpia. There is something about food from a street vendor that makes it more appetizing. Perhaps it's the stripped-down recipe, or the easy availability, or the quick prep time. The World of Street Food: easy quick meals to cook at home, by Troth Wells, celebrates this food-on-a-stick genre. These recipes from around the globe come in all flavors: spicy, sweet, juicy, delicate, savory, tangy and greasy. The author has completely ignored North America and Europe (whats wrong with Coney dogs and deep-fried Mars Bars?), but there is cebiche from Peru, fava beans from Sudan, and Indonesian tempeh. You could cook by continent, or prepare a globe-trotting dinner of meats, legumes, vegetables and grains. And don't forget to finish it all off with a soothing beverage: Mexican hot chocolate, Moroccan avocado milk or a zesty ginger beer from Malawi. My only complaint with this book is that it is arranged by country, not recipe, so you have to hunt through the book to find all the dessert recipes. Well worth the hunt, tho.

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