Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quickie Reviews

Five new books, five one-line reviews for those of you 'On the Go':

Getting the Best Out of College: a professor, a dean, and a student tell you how to maximize your experience by Peter Feaver, Sue Wasiolek and Anne Crossman. Your kids should be required to read this before you sign their tuition check.

One Year to an Organized Life: from your closets to your finances, the week-by-week guide to getting completely organized for good by Regina Leeds. Week One: get rid of the space-sucking slob you live with.

Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's: three men, five great wines, and the evening that changed America by Charles A. Cerami. It gives you an interesting perspective on how bogged-down our current political process has become.

Street Dogs by Traer Scott. Guaranteed to make dog-lovers go misty eyed.

100 Great American Novels You've (probably) Never Read by Karl Bridges. Finally, one of those '100 Best' lists where I can actually check off all the entries: "Nope, haven't read that one either".


Daniel said...

I don't live in Ketchikan, but I like this feature. At the Alaska State Library we do something similar by necessity with our "Staff Picks" OCLC list at

WorldCat limits you to 255 characters, so all our comments are brief.

But I really like your longer reviews too!

Rainbird librarian said...

I would like to claim the 'quick picks' today was part of my master plan of improved patron service, but it was actually laziness on my part. I liked the Staff Picks list the State Library has - I didn't realize that was an option with the new WorldCat site. Maybe I can talk some of the Ketchikan staff into doing that....