Saturday, May 17, 2008

Futuristic Classic

We have a classic new movie on the shelves: Metropolis. Filmed by the acclaimed German director Fritz Lang in 1927, this movie inspired countless science fiction and futuristic films. If you were to take Jules Verne, Erte, and George Orwell and shake them all up together you would get this cinematic masterpiece. A silent film accompanied by the original 1927 orchestral score, this movie is pure eye candy. The acting may be a tad on the melodramatic side, but that was par for the course during the silent film era (as was the heavy makeup the actors wear, which makes everyone look even scarier). For decades this movie has only been available as heavily edited versions, but it has been carefully restored and it is now here in its full-length glory (124 minutes). If you are a fan of science fiction, film history, Art Deco style or avant-garde culture, then you will want to watch this wonderful movie. As a fun party game, you and your friends can try to count all the examples which inspired later filmmakers (the beautiful female robot on the case's cover might look a little familiar to anyone who has seen Star Wars). Or you can go the Mystery Science Theater 3000 route and make up your own fun dialogue - ah, the joys watching silent films!

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