Sunday, May 25, 2008

A splash of romance

We have a few new romance books on the shelf, just in time for hot weather and lazy-day reads.
Solar Heat, by Susan Kearney, is a paranormal romance set in outer space. She's a spy, he's an asteroid miner (what exactly do you mine off asteroids, and doesn't it just make you dizzy when they spin like that?). Conflict and sparks abound.

The Briton, by Catherine Palmer, is an inspirational historical romance set in England right after the Conquest. He's a handsome Norman (and a Christian) and she's a beautiful Saxon (and a pagan). Will Jaques le Brun and Lady Bronwen be able to share their cultures, beliefs, and love?

The Senator's Daughter, by Christine Carroll, is a romantic suspense novel set in the beautiful California wine country. The Senator's daughter has been in the news too much lately, so she drops out of sight. Her attorney boyfriend tries to find her, but uncovers some dangerous corruption involving the Senator. Oops.

The Perfect Match, by Kimberly Cates, is a cozy romance set in a small Illinois town. The new pet-store owner is looking for a nice community to settle down in, and the local deputy is looking for help with a huge stray dog that has seemingly become part of his single-dad household (he could also use some help raising his two daughters).

Everybody Loves Evie, by Beth Ciotta, is a tongue-in-cheek romance where the heroine is an ex-grifter who now exposes crooks for the law enforcement group Chameleon. Her current assignment - expose the scam artist who has targeted her mom (and try to choose between her sexy new boss and a luscious bad boy named Arch).

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, by Jenny Gardiner, involves a woman fed up with her romance-less marriage to her stuffy husband and the endless demands of mothering 5 kids. When an old boyfriend wanders into her life, what's going to happen?


member said...

Great list of options. I love the idea that there are many more romance/paranormal books out there than I am aware of. One that you can add to your list is my top favorite at the moment, Take Me There. An absolute must read. It has a choose-your-own-sexual-adventure element. :)

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver said...

hi! Thanks for mentioning Sleeping with Ward Cleaver! I hope your readers enjoy it!